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Amazon Favorites

Here is a list of my Amazon must haves:


1.  Gold scissors, tap dispenser, and stapler here

2.  Pens here 

3.  Kraft (brown paper bag colored) show bags here

4.  Pink gift boxes here

5.  Goosneck phone holder here

6.  Folding chair used for markets here

7.  Gold and glass organizer small here

8.  Gold and glass organizer medium (alternative version) here and here



9.  6x6 cardboard shipping boxes here and here


10.  6x6x1 1/4 shipping boxes here and here


11.  Travel jewelry box large here



12.  Jewelry storage here and here

13.  Beige table cloth used for markets here



14.  T Necklace Stand here


15.  Necklace display here

16.  Travel jewelry box small here


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